Journey Test Cases with Rest Assured

What Is API & How Does It Work?

What Is REST-Assured ? Which methods can be used?


  • GET retrieves the resource at a specified URI.
  • PUT updates a resource at a special URI. Also be used to create a new resource at a special URI. Replaces the complete product entity.
  • PATCH support partial updates.
  • POST is used to send data to a server to create/replace a URI.
  • DELETE deletes a resource at a specified URI.

What Is JUnit ?

Configure REST Assured & JUnit


  • is a team of java libraries which allows us to automate Rest API checking out.
  • is Java-based, and expertise of core Java suffices for getting to know it.
  • facilitates fetch values of request and reaction from complicated JSON systems
  • facilitates set assert statements and conditions.
  • requests can be custom designed with an expansion of header, query, direction param, and any consultation or cookies to be set.




Developer in Test at

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Yasin Onur Gürbüz

Yasin Onur Gürbüz

Developer in Test at

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